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Injury/Sports Recovery

The methods that some athletes use to recover from injuries or to allow themselves to continue playing at an elite level have been making the news lately. If you’re an athlete that wants to be able to be at your peak performance level safely, then you need the help of whole body cryotherapy.

   Repair tissue faster
   Help your body to heal quicker
   Rejuvenate your body naturally

man-woman-anti-agingUnlike many sports treatments, the effects will wear off quickly and require the athlete to take more of whatever substance they are taking.

Cryotherapy creates sustained results, and it does not have any of the side-effects that some medications and supplements have. There is nothing illegal about the way cryotherapy affects your body, and there is nothing dangerous about using it.

Reduce Joint Swelling

With cryotherapy, an athlete can reduce swelling in their joints, bring pain relief to their back and help to encourage faster healing throughout their body.

Cryotherapy also helps to increase your metabolism, which means that you can stay in peak condition for longer.

Enhances Recovery

Cryotherapy is not a replacement for the hard work athletes are expected to do. It is a process that enhances recovery, and helps athletes to get more out of their workouts and performances each and every time. This is the safe way to stay in shape, and it is a process that every athlete should be using on a regular basis.

Cryo Fitness Health Packages

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    $65 each
    • 1 to 3 minute duration
    • Endorphin boost
    • Inflammation relief
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    $120 total
    • 1 session each for you & a friend (saving $10)
    • 1 to 3 minute duration
    • Great for instant pain relief
    • Health management & weight loss
    • $120 one off payment
  • 8 Pack
    $500 each
    • 8 sessions
    • 1 to 3 minute duration
    • Great for chronic conditions
    • $500 one off payment
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