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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy users report the experience is invigorating and improves a variety of conditions such as psychological stress, insomnia, rheumatism, muscle & joint pain and various skin conditions. Your body effectively goes into survival mode when it rushes all the blood to your core. In the process, your blood picks up extra enzymes and nutrients normally held in storage-mode by your body. Which will detoxify, boost the immune system and improve circulation.

Weight Loss
Stimulates your metabolism increasing your calorie burn which promotes weight loss. Also boosts your immune system minimising cold and flu symptoms.
Decrease chronic fatigue and speed up post workout recovery & muscle soreness. Cryotherapy promotes anti-inflammatory properties speeding up recovery by 50%.
Anti Aging
Nearly all of the signs of aging in the skin can be attributed to a breakdown of collagen and elastin. Cryotherpy increases collagen, reduces cellulite, blemishes and skin aging.
Wellness & health is more than lifestyle and diet. Incorporate cryotherpy, taking your health to a new level by exposing your body to -140c temps.

Cryo Fitness Packages

Check out our packages below. Make your booking and payment online or call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Make sure you’re you ready for your Cryosauna session!

10 Pack
Cryo Fitness 10 Pack
$500 per month
Can share with family
12 month duration
1 to 3 minute duration
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1 to 3 minute duration
Endorphin boost
Inflammation relief
$55 one off payment
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Freeze With Friend
1 session each for you & a friend (saving $10)
1 to 3 minute duration
Great for instant pain relief
Health management & weight loss
$50 one off payment
Family Pack
20 Sessions
1 to 3 minute duration
Great for chronic conditions
$900 one off payment
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Enjoy The Cryo Fitness Experience

Our guests are greeted by a Cryo Fitness Chill Out Specialist, who helps create a guest account which contains basic information, waiver, blood pressure and a short medical history review. This can be done before an appointment to speed up the already quick process.
The guest is shown to a private change room, where they remove their outer garments and put on Cryo Fitness robe and gloves. All clients must where socks and we will provide boots.
Once changed, the guest steps into the Cryo Fitness cryosauna at which point our staff will close the door. The guest will then hand our staff their robe.
The Cryo Fitness emits liquid nitrogen mist and is cooled to the guests’ temperature preference (ranging between -125 deg to -150 deg), all together creating a consistent, ambient temperature during the two-half to three minute session.
When the treatment ends, our Cryo Fitness specialist will hand you back your robe. Once indicated by the guest, our staff will open the cryosauna door and then you will change back into your clothes to enjoy feeling all of the benefits of whole body cryotherapy.

What Happens When I Use The Cryosauna?

When you turn up to your cryotherapy appointment, you’ll be required to get changed in our private change room, place on our robe, gloves and woolen boots.
You will then enter the cryosauna and close the door behind you. At this point you can take of the robe and hand it to our friendly staff.

How Long am I in the Cryosauna?.

During your 1-3 minute cryo session, the cryosauna will received bursts of liquid nitrogen.

As this happens, your body is submerged in the freezing cold temps, causing your body to go into survival mode, which pushes the blood away from your extremities and surges to the core of your body, protecting the vital organs.

Oxygenated Blood

It is at this point that your blood becomes filled with oxygen, additional red blood cells and endorphins (endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine).

When you exit the cryosauna, your blood will instantly flow/rush back to your limbs giving you a warm, exhilarating sensation.

Accelerated Recovery

For people with injuries, this process accelerates the recovery process as the oxygenated blood which flows back from your core to the rest of your body, reduces injured cells speeding up the healing process.

Waiver Forms

Complete our waiver form and present to our staff when arriving at our clinic for your first Whole Body Cryotherapy session.If your are under the age of 16 and would like to use our Cryosauna, please have your parent or guardian sign our Under Age Waiver Form.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

Cryo Fitness offers the latest technologies with our 2016 model Cryosauna chamber

Weight Loss
Cryotherapy promotes weight loss by stimulating your metabolism which burns up to 800 calories in 3 minutes
Cell Rejuvenation
Encourages cell growth and rejuvination. It also improves blood flow and circulation.
Anti Aging
Turn back time with achieving and maintaining a youthful look and feel with healthy collagen levels.
Athletic Recovery
Reducing post workout soreness and injuries. Faster recoveries means faster turn around times between workouts allowing you to train harder and more frequently.

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Our Clients Are Loving Whole Body Cryotherapy!

Hayley Ryan
Marketing Manager

Cannot thank Natalie enough for her advice and expertise. I have gone from being in excruciating pain and limping to a point where i can actually exercise and the pain is so mild it is rarely noticed. I haven’t been this mobile in years and am actually able to be active. Thank you!

Peta Ashwood
Marketing Manager

I had my very first treatment this morning. I have been very ill for a number of years and had a serious injury to my knee in February which just had not healed. I spend most of my time having to lay down or be in a wheel chair. After my treatment this morning I am totally blown away. I am able to walk better and bend and straighten my knee not only with less pain but with more movement than I have had since February. Natalie and Peter I can’t begin to explain just how much this Improvment is changing my life after just 1 session. I can’t wait for my next sessions and I want to thank you for helping me make a real impact on my recovery.. PETA xx

Trent Merrin Penrith Panthers

Had a great recovery session today at Cryo Fitness Penrith today! It’s a must for anyone with injuries, aches or pains.

Justin Schmerleib

Just had my first session at Cryo Fitness Penrith and my hand and wrist pain is feeling pretty good today!

Liam Dani

My dad and I had our first session today. We have already noticed significant pain relief and will definitely book in for more sessions very soon. Thank you to Peter and Natalie for their great service.

Marissa Powe

Wow what an experience, I was nervous at first but Peter explained everything to me. This was the most invigorating experience I have ever had. Words cannot describe how amazing you feel after the session. I was buzzing all day and the pain in my leg felt better straight away. Everything feels good. Check it out!

Kelly Edwards

An exhilarating experience. Definitely felt a difference afterwards!!! Highly recommended to combat any muscle stiffness and soreness.

Kaz Swadling

First session today. Suffer from arthritis, bad knee pain and lower back pain. Loved the experience instant relief and have been moving freely rest of the day. Already booked in again for next week. So glad this is out this way