BOA Compression

Metrum CryoFlex is one of the best company producing devices for sequential pressure massage which can provide lymphatic drainage using E. Vodder’s method (similar to the manual lymphatic drainage).

  • Slimming and cellulite
  • Lymphedema
  • Chronic oedema
  • After aesthestic trestment (eg. stable cavitation, laser lipolisis, anti cellulite treatment)
  • Post mastectomy
  • DVT prophylaxis
  • Slimming of limbs, buttocks and abdomen

Compression Massage

Advanced Design
BOA serie devices uses state-of-art technology.They are equipped with microprocessor controller which executes trestment procedures. At any time the microprocessor software can be upgraded to ensure its compatibility with current knowledge
Aesthetic medicine algorithms
Predifined algorithms: slim, slim and cellulite, lymphatic drainage, sport massage, relaxing massage, before and after liposuction and cavitation treatments. Each Algirithm include limphatic drainage. Just select program, press start and thats all.
Physiotherapy algorithms
21 individual algorithms for foots, legs, hands, arms, chest, back, abdomen and buttocks.Select program, pressure, Gradient, Cycles number, Massage tempo, Press start and thast all.
Treatment Pressure Control
BOA 2 max devices allows to set pressure in each cuff’s chamber separately and set one of the gradient value: 5, 10 or 15% (pressure value will drop relatively to the pressure value in the cuff’s chamber). BOA mini plus device enables to control main pressure and regulate it manually. It also allows to set one of the gradient values (5, 10 or 15%). Working pressure in BOA devices is from 20 (BOA 2 max) / 30 (BOA mini Plus) up to 140 mmHg.
Pressure Cuffs
BOA devices are equipped with top quality cuffs with overlapping chambers.Depending on the device model. it is possible to use 5-chamber cuffs (BOA mini plus), 12-chamber cuffs or 24-chamber pants and jacketrecommended for alimming massages and cellulite treatments (BOA 2 max). Cuffs diameter can be enlarged using appropriate expanders.

Treatment paramethers can be assigned to each patient independently, Pressure regulation (in each cuff’s chamber), tempo and cycle number in any algorithms, Works with one or two pressure cuffs, Predefied massage algorithms, Continuous pressure measuremnet in each cuff’s chamber, Indicator of time left to the end of the treatments, Emergency pressure drain off function, Pressure range from 20 up to 140 mmHg, LCD, colour graphic display, Possibility of startup screen change.


Classic, ascending and descending massage type, pulse function and lymphatic drainagealgorithm by vodder’s method, Cycle number, tempo and massage gradient regulation, Electronic main pressure regulation from 20 mmHg up to140 mmHg,

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