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Local Cryotherapy with the CRYO-T Elephant

Cryo-T Elephant is new type of device for local cryotherapy and cryostimulation that works with liquid nitrogen (LN2). Very popular and fantastic for cryofacials and ‘spot’ cryotherapy treatments.
(For the new ‘mini’ version, visit Cryo T Elephant Mini ).

Innovative construction developed the engineers gives possibilities of performing safer and more effective procedures. They have invented a new way of low temperature production. It is vaporization heat of liquid nitrogen (without heater) that increases the efficiency of these devices by 40% compared to the competition.

Cryo T Elephant is first of its kind in the world of nitrogen devices, with sensors placed inside the application nozzle for remote measurement of patient’s skin temperature during the spot cryotherapy treatment.


Sensor informs person conducting the procedure if cryostimulated area have proper temperature, i.e. suitably low to perform effective treatment, but not too low to prevent local frostbites. Skin temperature is the only objective parameter of correctly performed treatment. Otherwise known as ‘Frotox’, this is proving to be a very popular procedure for both men and women.

How Does the Cryo T Elephant Work?

Cryo-T Elephant enables regulation of working temperature measured on the nozzle outlet. It allows to adjust precisely treatment intensity. Thanks to completely different low temperature obtaining technology economics of work has significantly improved. Device efficiency is about two times higher than in case of devices based on previously used technology.

Thanks to possibility of using Dewar vessel (special gas cylinder for liquid nitrogen storage) available in two capacities (35 or 60 liters) and electronic measurement of gas consumption user can precisely plan liquid nitrogen deliveries. It enables to minimize customary nitrogen losses resulting from gas evaporation during storage.

Metrum Cryoflex developed innovative construction of cryogenic pipe that ensures full freedom of the nozzle movement. It gives therapist unprecedented comfort of work. High-class insulation material used in cryogenic pipe prevents pipe from freezing and therefore stiffening during work. Therapist hands are not getting tired during procedure.

Quick start allows to begin treatment immediately after turning on the device. Touchscreen enables comfortable settling proper work parameters and their monitoring on large, 5.7” colour LCD TFT display.

Cryo T Elephant in Physiotherapy

Cryotherapy refers to a variety of cold applications that can be used in multiple ways in Physiotherapy. Each method as cold application and cryostimulation has its own advantages and disadvantages with some applications for the treatment of acute injuries (cooling) and some for chronic injuries (cryostimualtion).


Cryostimulation means the application of extremely cooled air (less than –100C) on surface of the body in very short time. During the 2-3 minutes stimulation in order to induce and utilize physiological responses against cold.

Cryostimulation can be used for treatment of :

  • Injury in reconstruction phase, after RICE method
  • Chronic disease and contusion

Cold application can be used only for a number of therapeutic purposes including the treatment of :

  • Acute pain and acute injury
  • Postsurgical pain and swelling

Benefits of Cryostimulation :

  • Increases energy levels and stamina
  • Increases testosterone, adrenaline, noradrenalin,
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the joint and muscles
  • Relieves pain in joints and muscles
  • Improves effectiveness of physiotherapy
  • Reduced chronic inflammation
  • Reduces chronic pain

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