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When you think about a comprehensive treatment process, you think about a single process that can :

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Help manage joint pain
  • Assist in treating conditions that involve chronic pain

While the idea of cryotherapy is something new to consumers, it is not new to doctors. For decades now :

  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Fibromyalgia

Cryotherapy is not some sort of miracle cure that can bring about the end of painful conditions. It is a process that uses the body’s own healing abilities to manage and reduce pain by reducing the inflammation caused by these conditions. If you work on your feet all day and your knees are constantly in pain, then cryotherapy can help to manage that pain and allow you to get your work done without being in misery.

Reduces Inflammation

Cryotherapy was first created to remove lesions from the skin without the use of medications or tools. Doctors would freeze the lesions and safely remove them without discomfort to the patient. By the late 1970s, it was discovered that intensely low temperatures in a cryosauna reduced the inflammation that causes pain, and cryotherapy was born.

Relieve the Pain Fast!

When you injure yourself, your first reaction is to put an ice pack on the affected area. Cryotherapy works under the same premise, but at a much higher level. This is real relief from pain that is achieved without medication or special exercises. If you are experiencing chronic pain, then contact us today for a cryotherapy appointment and let us help you manage your pain in a more natural way.


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Cryo Fitness 10 Pack
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12 month duration
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Endorphin boost
Inflammation relief
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1 session each for you & a friend (saving $10)
1 to 3 minute duration
Great for instant pain relief
Health management & weight loss
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8 sessions
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Great for chronic conditions
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