How Does Compression Therapy Work?

If you are trying to recover from an injury or were wondering how to get rid of the excess skin that comes from pregnancy or significant weight loss, then you should become familiar with compression therapy. While the idea of compression therapy has been around for a very long time, the Juka Cryosauna manufacturers are making BOA compression devices that accelerate the process and get excellent results.

Compression therapy can be beneficial to:

  • New mothers;
  • Athletes;
  • People recovering from injuries;
  • People recovering from surgery (Post mastectomy, stable cavitation, laser lipolisis, anti cellulite treatment);
  • People who have recently lost a lot of weight (including cellulite);
  • Chronic oedema;
  • Lymphedema;
  • DVT prophylaxis;
  • Aids in weight loss.

With compression therapy, you are given an effective way to eliminate pain and get back on your feet. The newer BOA compression devices are also used to help people lose weight in targeted areas and reduce chronic swelling.

What Is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy can be done using something as simple as a compression sock, or a full BOA compression device. The sock is a simplistic way of improving leg circulation, while the BOA compression device connections to a wrap that goes from the patient’s feet to above their chest.

With a BOA compression device, the clinician can control how much pressure is exerted in certain areas and for how long to give ideal results.

As compression is applied to certain areas, a process called lymphatic drainage occurs. This is a medical term for relieving the built up fluid in a part of the body, and this seemingly simple process can elicit extremely powerful results.

Reduce the Negative Effects of Swelling

Fluid build up in a limb or joint can be uncomfortable and cut off blood circulation. The swelling around an injured part of the body or around a surgical incision can be painful and prevent proper healing. Compression therapy in these instances will reduce swelling and:

  • Reduce or eliminate associated pain;
  • Allow the body to heal faster;
  • Restore proper circulation.

Edema is the term used to refer to excessive fluid build up that can inhibit the body’s range of motion and ability to heal. Targeted compression therapy reduces the effects of edema and increases recovery speed.

Improves the Flow of Nutrients and Oxygen in the Body

Swelling in the body reduces the body’s ability to carry nutrients to damaged areas and internal organs, and it also inhibits the proper flow of oxygen. Compression therapy removes the fluid build up that causes swelling and increases the ability to get nutrients and oxygen to the parts of the body that need it.

Encourages Weight Loss

Compression therapy accelerates the pace at which the body removes waste and the rate at which cellulite is broken down. The increase in waste removal helps to move the additional cellulite from the body and encourage weight loss.

With many BOA compression treatments, technicians will target specific areas of the body to help in sculpting the body to look more like you want your body to look. The most commonly targeted areas are:

  • Hips;
  • Stomach;
  • Arms;
  • Legs.

Encourages Deep Healing

As compression therapy motivates your body to move nutrients and oxygen more efficiently, it is also encouraging important deep tissue healing after an injury or surgery. With compression therapy, you can accelerate the healing process and reduce the possibility of a noticeable scar.

Deep Tissue Massage

While compression therapy is encouraging better circulation, it is also delivering an extremely effective deep tissue massage at the same time. This is the kind of massage that athletes use to recover from physical activity, and doctors use to prepare patients for procedures such as liposuction.

A BOA compression device can be programmed with a wide variety of algorithms that are designed to deliver the best possible results. The technician can customize the algorithms to your exact needs, or the technician may decide that the algorithms are going to give you the perfect results you are looking for.

Trust Your Treatment to a BOA Compression Device

If you are recovering from surgery or just want to stimulate your circulatory system with the best deep tissue massage available, then you need to get treatment from a BOA compression device. These devices are scientifically designed to deliver the perfect compression treatment to the right parts of your body, for the proper amount of time.

Compression therapy done properly can have a long list of benefits. If you want to lose weight and help deal with the excess skin that sometimes is left after weight loss, then go with compression therapy.

Make an appointment with a BOA compression therapy expert today and start feeling the positive results immediately.

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