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Juka Cryosauna

Looking for a whole body cryotherapy machine for sale? We can help! The JUKA Cryosauna is exclusively distributed nationwide in Australia by selected firms.

Cryo Fitness has direct access to these distribution rights and a strong affiliation with the Juka factory in Poland.

The Juka Cryosauna and related products are the most advanced Cryotherapy techniques and Cryosaunas on the market today and along with all other high quality whole body cryotherapy clinics, the Juka Cryosauna is the only brand we will use.

Distinguished by it’s unique design, the JUKA Cryosauna is the most recognized and trusted product on the market, used by more medical professionals and professional athletes than any other device.


The Juka Cryosauna offers the following features:

What we provide :

  • The coldest (actual) temperatures reached of any direct injection Cryosauna, with the most even cold distribution throughout the cabin.
  • An electric lift to easily adjust clients to a safe position based on their height (unlike antiquated machines that use pads).
  • An oxygen monitor at the level of the client’s mouth which is tied into the computer system to ensure the client only breathes room air at all times (only product on the market to offer this feature).
  • A door shutoff to ensure nitrogen does not escape the cabin while the door is open (only product on the market to offer this feature).
  • An easy to use touch screen controller and fully automated treatments, which allows the operator to focus on the client at all times and not on making adjustments to the machine during the treatments.
  • A dual exhaust vent to remove all used nitrogen from the treatment room. Ventilation is required by law for any direct-injection Cryosauna, and Cryo Fitness ensures all installations comply with all applicable regulations.

Cryosauna Business Opportunity

As a business concept, Whole Body Cryotherapy is one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs and business investors in recent times.

Apart from the big profit margins, low overheads and awesome life changing services for your clients, the business model is one of the easiest to operate. Once your Juka Cryosauna has been installed and you have the appropriate training needed to operate, it couldn’t be an easier business to run!


Please keep in mind all Juka Cryosauna’s are custom made to order, so delivery of the will be approximately 5-6 weeks. There are some things out of our control like customs in Poland and in Australia that may hold the shipment up by up to 10 days, however this does not occur often. If it does happen, I will inform you as early as possible. We do pay to pre-clear the goods prior to landing so they get cleared as quickly as possible.

Send us your enquiry using the form below and we’ll get back to you asap with pricing and other running costs. We look forward to hearing from you.


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