Manage Your Chronic Pain with the Juka Cryosauna

When you need help with chronic pain anywhere in your body, the fastest growing solution is a process called Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Athletes from a wide variety of sports including Boxing, Soccer, NRL, UFC, NBA, NFL, Golf, Baseball and more, are all singing the praises of Whole Body Cryotherapy.

If you are going to try cryotherapy for your chronic pain management, then you should experience the best and use a Juka Cryosauna.

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the process of submerging your body in sub-zero temperatures in a device called a cryosauna. The process begins with gradually lowering your outer body temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and then your body is placed in a cryosauna where the temperature is lowered to negative 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

The process is monitored and carried out by experts, and the Juka Cryosauna has an excellent reputation for consistent performance throughout the entire industry.

Juka Safety Features

How does Cryotherapy Help?

Cryotherapy cools your body and slows down the pain signals that are running through your body. This is the immediate effect of cryotherapy on pain, and it brings patients immediate relief from any level of consistent pain. This short-term relief is just part of how cryotherapy works on your chronic pain problems.

For that long-term pain management, cryotherapy helps to reduce inflammation and cut back on the swelling and other elements that cause pain. The sudden and dramatic drop in temperature also triggers healing agents within your body that are released after you have left the cryosauna.

Repeated sessions with a Juka Cryosauna will help your body to manage its pain and give you back your mobility.

Treating all Types of Pain

With a Juka Cryosauna you can treat all manner of chronic pain including:

  • Back pain
  • Pain and discomfort caused by exercise
  • Pain resulting from a surgical procedure
  • Joint pain
  • Pain coming from the wear and tear of ligaments, muscles and joints in the body

Cryotherapy can also help with the pain associated with arthritis, long-term illness and past injuries. If you play sports, you have that old injury that keeps nagging you. Cryotherapy can help with that nagging injury and get you back in the game again.

Why Don’t I Use Traditional Pain Management?

The Juka Cryosauna is meant to be part of your pain management routine. But once you have a couple of sessions in a Juka Cryosauna, you may start to leave your other pain management routines behind. Some of the pain management processes that cryotherapy could replace include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical Therapy

If you decide to get surgery done on your chronic pain problem, then cryotherapy is the ideal recovery solution. If you are trying to get away from pain medication, then give cryotherapy a try. Each person reacts differently to the cold and your body may prefer the cold treatment to the medication.

Why the Juka Cryosauna?

The Juka Cryosauna has a proven history of success, and it has a long list of admirers that include many professional athletes. The Juka Cryosauna is durable enough to do 100 sessions a day, and it does so with the utmost in personal safety. To date, the line of Juka Cryosaunas has done over two million sessions and that number is rapidly growing. Juka is the manufacturer that the cryotherapy experts with the high-profile customers all rely on.

With the Juka Cryosauna, you get the best possible treatment and the most beneficial results. The Juka can handle those sub-zero temperatures and gives every client peace of mind. The Juka is designed to make sure that there is a steady and reliable temperature in the cryosauna, while it also maintains proper airflow throughout the rest of the building. The Juka Cryosauna creates ideal conditions for the people in the cryosauna, and the experts running the session.

The Juka Cryosauna can be fully automated to make sure that every session goes smoothly and each client gets the maximum effects. The Juka Sauna’s elevated floor means that every client will be elevated enough to breathe in the room air and avoid inhaling too much of the hyper-cooled air. It is just another safety function that ensures that anyone is able to use the Juka Cryosauna safely.

The air flow design inside of the Juka Cryosauna is scientifically balanced to make sure that there is always the right amount of air within the chamber.

With the Juka Cryosauna, there is no risk of uneven air flow that can result in partially diluted results. This is a cryosauna that is designed for maximum safety and optimum results. That is why so many athletes, such as boxer Floyd Mayweather, rely on the Juka Cryosauna to help in recovering from their workouts and athletic activities.

The only way to understand what a Juka Cryosauna can do is to try one for yourself! Contact your local cryotherapy location such as Cryo Fitness Penrith and ask if they have a Juka Cryosauna (which they do!). You will feel the difference between Whole Body Cryotherapy and other treatments when it comes to pain management, and you will see why so many people who deal with pain on a daily basis prefer the Juka Cryosauna.