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Whole Cody Cryotherapy will put your metabolism
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Burn Up to 800 Calories in 3 minutes!

Whole Body Cryotherapy affects the body in a unique way that has several safe and positive effects. Weight loss is one of them.

Instant Results

When your body is hit with the type of cold temperatures offered by one of our cryosaunas, the results are both instant and long lasting, depending on your condition.

The freezing cold temps jump starts your metabolism and inspires your body to start burning fat instantly. You will feel invigorated, while your body continues to burn up to 800 calories per 3 minute session. The effects do not stop there.

Hyper Charged Metabolism


In the hours after the treatment, your metabolism will still be hyper-charged and ready to lose even more weight. As your body recovers from your treatment, you can engage in low level exercises to help you continue to shed the weight.

It is the effect of your body warming itself back up by burning your available energy reserves that causes the weight loss.

Accelerate Weight Loss

When you accelerate that weight loss with low level exercise, you can significantly enhance the results you get.

The cryosauna treatment helps your body to burn an additional 800 calories, on average, in the hours immediately after treatment. This is the enhanced weight loss on top of the weight loss that comes from burning calories normally.

When you add it up, a few minutes in a cryosauna has the same effect on your body as 45 minutes of rigorous swimming, and it is all perfectly safe.

Maximise Your Results

Our treatments are safe enough for you to use regularly to enhance your workouts and get better results.

Set your appointment and you will start seeing the kind of weight loss results you have always wanted to see.

Cryo Fitness Weight Loss Packages

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10 Pack
Cryo Fitness 10 Pack
$600 per month
Can share with family
12 month duration
1 to 3 minute duration
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1 to 3 minute duration
Endorphin boost
Inflammation relief
$65 one off payment
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1 session each for you & a friend (saving $10)
1 to 3 minute duration
Great for instant pain relief
Health management & weight loss
$120 one off payment
8 sessions
1 to 3 minute duration
Great for chronic conditions
$999 one off payment
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